Digimon Adventure Episode 1

“Digivices” carry seven kids from a summer camp to a very enchanting and mysterious place. The kids were all by themselves and made friends with small digital monsters called Digimons, and very quickly a bond was formed among them. The digital monsters took care of their human friends and made sure that no harm was done to them. They even went to the extent of protecting them from evil Digimons. The humans soon figured out that Digimons are in fact, not bad, the situation made them bad. The good Digimons succumbed due to temptation and became evil. Evil powers play a role in turning good Digimons to a crooked one by implanting Black gears inside them, and creating havoc in the Digiworld.

The seven kids were deeply influenced with the Digiworld and guided the small monsters from the Digiworld to train, so they could remove evil forces from the Digiworld. As they got attached, they became more involved, and decided to pursue an adventurous and once in a life time journey together. After defeating evil forces from the Digiworld four years ago, the kids had again got a task on hand. The three Digidestined kids would now be led by T.K. and Kari to put an end to the evil forces, which endangers both real and the Digiworld.

The remarkable feature of the kids is their way to accomplish their mission. They would leave their real world and go to the Digiworld right after school. Five kids from the real world, along with T.K. and Kari made friends with Gatoman and Patoman. They then meet Digimons and a friendship developed. They now need to stop any evil power before time runs out.