Digimon Characters Information

Matt “Yamato Ishida”:

One person that does not like Tai’s leadership is Matt. He does not like to stay under anyone’s leadership and wants to be a free bird. He is a bit introvert, sensitive and does not share his thoughts with anyone. He thinks that he is really cool and makes fun of other team members. This is seen in the episode when he abuses Tai by commenting on his hair. He comments that the hair on your head looks as if a bird has made a nest on your hair. Matt has a younger brother named T.K and Digimon named Tsunomon/Gabumon who is his mentor and always provides suggestions to him whenever he is in trouble.

Henry Wong:

He is also a master of computers. While playing a Digimon game he selected Terriermon which also became his real Digimon. This was possible only because Henry found the blue card in the game which he swiped and converted it into a D-Power. He cares a lot for Terriermon and wants that he should be safe. He is really sensible and his care comes in the way of the battle. It is later he realizes and understands things better.

Hikari “KARI” Kamiya:

Tai’s little sister Kari is really clean at heart and is full of patience and compassion. She behaves very maturely and her actions always reflect the right thing, though the result maybe any. She is not able to judge between things as she is still a small kid and is very wise. She had to be a part of the camp team but could not make it to the camp because she suffered from flu.

Rika Nonaka:

The best of the Digimons is Rika who is a bit emotional. She has won all the Digimon card tournaments and that is why she is known as the queen of the Digimon. Initially she thought that Digimons were non living things and used to stay alone but later on she realized that it was not so and became the Digimon of Renamon. There were many characters who wanted to get associated with Rika but she preferred Renamon.

T.K. “Takeru Takaishi”:

Matt’s little brother, T.K tries to show that he is really brave. He is a small child who always tries to impress his brother with his acts of braveness. His Digimon is Tokomon/Patamon and his Patamon was the last to digivole. He beat Devilmon when he digivoled into Angemon. At the same time he is a very caring and loving parent.

Takato Matsuki:

Takato is a character who lives in Japan and he loves to paint and draw. He loves his Digimon a lot and always wants to take a decision that does not affect his Digimon. Like Joe he also has problems in making decisions. He is also a bit hesitant to jump into action. He made a picture of his Digimon Guilmon, whom he coinsiders a friend. This picture came to life by the use of his digivice powers.

Sora Takenouchi:

One of the most responsible members of the group is Sara who is really cool and funny. She always takes care of all the things and acts a fore figure for the group. Her Digimon Yokomon/Biyomon is also a very calm personality who helps Sora to not panic in situations and always lightens up the atmosphere.

Taichi Kamiya:

The leading character in the anime series is Tai who is really adventurous. He has great leadership skills and that is why he is the leader of the group. Initially he thought that it was really easy to lead a team but he soon realized that leadership required skills like sympathy and compassion. He is really a cool character who always enjoys whatever he does. He has a liking for Sora. Tai also has a little sister named Kari the 8th child of their parents. Tai’s digimon Koromon/Agumon who is a warrior protects him from all kind of dangers and has learned a lot from Tai.

Izzy “Koushiro Izumi:

Izzy is a small child who is a big fan of computers and is really very intelligent. Basically he is the planner of the group and devices a strategy to tackle the situations. He is only a thinker and is not involved in action. His Digimon Motimon/Tentomon is an intelligent character and always helps him out in sorting out things. This character is really intelligent and is one of the most important persons in the group.

Joe Kido:

A not very confident character of the group is Joe. He is always in doubt of the decisions he makes. He has a fear that his decision may go wrong and that might cost him. His Digimon Bukamon/Gomamon has many powers. Gomamon can talk to fishes and other creatures. He always tries to get confidence in Joe and is a firm believer in friendship.